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BRD Box was found in Istanbul in 2005 after 15 years of experience in packaging sector. From the moment of establishment, the firms have become a brand identified with quality by offering unique gift boxes. With widely, acknowledged box designs, BRD is decorating stores of reputable pastry, chocolate shops and candy shops in Turkey and other countries. BRD is the solution partner and primary selection of corporate firms to celebrate their special days. After consuming the product in the package, you can easily store the box in your house or in your office for a long time. Contact us today for the best packaging for your chocolates, sweets and corporate gifts !
As Yasatan Group, we commenced our commercial life in 1984 in the field of insurance. In 1991 we have founded Yasatan Insurance Intermediary Services in the field of insurance, which is our first Joint Stock Company. We are stil provide services in this company of ours. Yasatan Insurance Intermediary Services is all-time best insurance company in Turkey. Cagdas Yasatan A.S., which involves our factory today, commenced business in 1997. At the begining our company started business as a very small printing house which is only 135 square meters. In 2000 our company has been transferred to a new location which is 380 square meters, in 2005 has been transferred a new one, which is 500 square meters.
Cagdas Kagit was established in 1971 and still continues its activities in Istanbul. Paper and packaging sector in parallel with the development of Turkey and the world continues with its endless faith in the Cagdas Kagit investments. Our company to satisfy our valued customers at a high level,It is in continuous development to meet its expectations in the most economical and fastest way. is committed to providing quality services and products.
COMMITTED TO INNOVATION At Saica Pack, we work day after day to develop corrugated cardboard packaging solutions to meet our client’s needs Saica Pack operates in Turkey in 3 locations; Istanbul HQ, Eskisehir plant and Sakarya plant with an annual total capacity of 250 mio squaremeter of production. Current coordinates of the facilities are strategically important and leading Turkish companies are operating in this industrial zone. Our BHS corrugator line is 2,80m with a speed of 350m/ min. We produce C,B,P,E, BC,EB,BB,CC,EC,EP flute types. Packaging solutions such as High Graphic fine print , OFFSET printing and solid board production, performance based production, technological investments, new design applications; PolyJoiner/Twinbox, Saica Smart, Saica Split, Saica U Pack, differ us from our competitors. With this production capacity, we offer personalised product solutions that provide the maximum added value to their products for all sectors such as flexo and high quality printing, crash lock, multi- point glueing -up to 8 glue points, stitched industrial boxes,pizza boxes, OFFSET catering boxes and conic trays. We serve different sectors from durable consumer goods to fresh fruits and vegetables,from furniture to automative industry; from ceramics to fast moving markets. We increase manufacturing productivity and efficiency by optimising the number of necessary parts and providing the most effective ways to assemble and package in Industry sector. Our packaging for fresh fruits and vegetables can withstand extreme climate and transport conditions and comply with the highest quality and consistency standards under the Saica Fresh Pack label. Saica special design trays are recyclable & biodegradable products that helps a sustainable environment. which are alternative use to plastic trays for food, fresh fruits and vegetables. At Saica Pack we create value for our customers by providing innovative, specific and unique corrugated cardboard packaging solutions, products and services to meet our clients’ needs. We develop products and services for all types of industries through a personalised analysis of each customer's specific needs and helping our customers be more environmentally responsible. Our customers' reputation is closely linked to the safety and quality of our products. Therefore, we work hard to comply with internationally recognised service standards, offering the highest quality and safety levels in industry. An example of this is our implementation of BRC A Grade certification for packaging and packaging materials for use with food. At Saica Pack, we accept the challenges of an ever changing society and, in our quest for differentiation, are committed to growing alongside our customers to lead market changes through the value chain. Thus, our selling proposal allows us to provide solutions for each stage in our customer's value chain, as well as optimised products based on our technological capabilities and our staff's expertise and knowledge.
As we transform the brilliant ideas of our designers into the products that are going to fulfill the needs best, our primary target is our customers’ satisfaction. Our purpose is to provide outstanding products, with the best prices and at the right time by continuously improving our manufacturing process and to present fully thought of solutions with a team effort that is embraced by our whole crew. Beyaz Ari has a notion of work that is built on quality, rapidity, trust and technology and uses the strongest technological equipment for prepress and postpress processes to deliver the highest quality product, right on time. Thanks to our reliable machine park and service that is focused on customer satisfaction, we’re adding on new success stories every day, while growing and developing with innovations.
We are a global packaging company with the key business focus on manufacturing and supplying of diverse packaging solutions to our clients. Baris Ambalaj operates since 1991, serves hundreds of customers with production facilities domestic and abroad and comprises of best people to accomplish its vision in the light of the current size and scope. All products manufactured and introduced to its target audience are recognized for their superior quality. As a result of the rising market and rapid sales growth, Baris Ambalaj moved to its new and modern manufacturing 7000 square meter facility in Avcilar district of Istanbul in 2016. Our customer base varies from automotive spare parts industry to other metal industries and also clothing, cosmetics etc. Our product range consists of Corrugated boxes, Shipping Containers, Labels, VCI Papers and Duct tapes. Being highly specialized in corrugated box business, Baris Ambalaj keeps 5000 types of different tools to supply in short order customers with. The major fundamental principle at Baris Ambalaj is to attain a top level of customer satisfaction. We strive to ensure market demands are met and we are committed to offering the ultimate quality products and services to all customers. To provide a better and faster service we established a new office in Amsterdam, Netherlands in 2017. Our dedicated export team is closer to customers in Europe and ready to facilitate your business needs now.
Our company, which has been serving in the printing sector for years, has many product groups and the indispensable products of the printing sector, such as Business Cards, Catalogs, Invoices, Boxes, etc. We serve in all products. You can contact us for your most suitable, best quality printing works.
Mertiz Offset Packaging is an institutionalized family company, which aims customer satisfaction. It has been producing cardboard and paper packaging in Turkey since 1985. Our company has been supplying the demands and requirements of pastry, chocolate, fast food, ready-to wear industries with luxury cardboard bags, paper bags, cardboard packaging and boxes. Mertiz Ofset is located in its 7000 sqm plant, equipped with machines all made in Europe and supported by more than 100 people, who are working for excellent production. With this equipment and manpower, Mertiz Ofset Packaging is exporting to 44 countries, hundreds of cities, from Australia to USA, with a daily production capacity of 15.000 personalized hand-made bags and 500.000 industrial boxes.
As Uzunlar printing house packaging company, we are a reliable and well-established company that continues to do our job in the best way for 50 years. We are ready to give our customers the best quality product with the best price in packaging and printing. Our organization, which was established in 1973 and providing printing services continuously until today, has been serving in its own building consisting of 4 floors in total, established on an area of ​​1000 m² in Mas-Sit Matbaacilar Sitesi since 1995. ‘Uzunlar offers a wide range of services in Printing and Promotion, covering both prepress and postpress services."
Sancak Karton promises to meet customers' expectations beyond their cardboard packaging needs. It is our duty to shape paper, to characterize it and to witness the birth of a brand and to sustain all of these in an organizational structure that has completed its digital transformation. Established with the partnership of two-generation packaging experience and vision, Sancak Karton creates value in which the design, production and service work in harmony. We have been working to share this value with all of our business partners to create an added value for decades. We focus on luxury and general packaging in the center of Eurasia, we carry the products in Asia, Europe, Middle East, and Africa to the shelves using the geographical advantages of Istanbul and in doing so, measure the quality standards on global values. We create the vision of ‘think out of the box’ by bringing multi-variant designs together with all cardboard types through our high-quality production processes while simplifying the ordering processes at the same time.